Thursday Night Bamboo Scribbles


Kingdom Hearts Heartless

Why is it that four day work weeks seem so much longer than normal ones? I’ve been binging on productivity podcasts and youtube channels, and my inspiration is soaring.

Today I felt like scribbling around on my tablet again for the first time in a long time.

Here is a rendering of everything I drank today for no reason whatsoever.




My company has free drinks in the vending machines. It’s booooomb.

And now a rendering of me thinking about my favorite drink.


BeerBubbly orange juice.

And finally a really shitty 3min sketch of Gran in his Sorcerer class outfit from Granblue Fantasy. Dat lil waist. ♡




I’m off to bed to survive Friday. Tokyo Game Show this weekend!


the glories of tape


I was kind of sad to notice this morning one of my favorite creative paper blogs has stopped updating. It’s a blog by a woman in Australia, Jenna Templeton, who does all sorts of creative projects with paper and washi tape. It was actually from her blog ages ago that I first found about about the wonders of washi tape. It doesn’t seem to be updated anymore, but for lots of cool ideas and creative inspiration, check out→ My Life As A Magazine.

And since I really love looking at people’s collections of things, I’m going to show you my washi tape collection! Hold on to your hats, people.


The coolest ones of the bunch are probably these.


Among them, some are kinda special. For example, these are from Paul & Joe. I actually got them from a monthly gift box service I was using last year, but they have cute little cats and fishes on them. ♡


And these are actually goods from an Angelo live. There’s even one with the 切人♦︎一家 logo on it, lol. I think Angelo is probably the visual kei band with the most creative goods these days. XD


These Sailor Moon tapes were given to me by a really sweet teacher at one of the schools I work at.


And this Tokyo skyline tape is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. I use it on my bullet notebook that I scribble in every day.

It’s not as much as some people have, but it’s already spilling out of the storage space I’ve allotted it. I’ve actually had to forbid myself from purchasing anymore, as I have a tendency to hoard project materials like this.

But they’re really cool to use in scrap books and such, like this.


That’s my Tokyo 2013-2014 cut-paste story.

Do you have any cool washi tapes too?

vortex of emo

Since August I’ve been in maybe the biggest, stupidest vortex of emo in my life.


I only kind of feel like I’m starting to come out of it now, too. So, needless to say, finding the energy (or motivation) to do anything has been hard, neigh impossible. In a way lately I have kind of felt like a dolphin climbing a mountain.


I’m starting to feel a little better, though. Which is awesome! But at the same time, I have recently been told on two different occasions that my Japanese has turned to shit.

One was a friend who recently left to roam Australia for a few years.





The other was a friend from Halloween last year who I haven’t seen in a long time.




Which is insane, since I use it all the time, especially have over the past few months. But I’m wondering if it doesn’t have something to do with the vortex of emo.

When I’m in there I feel super self-conscious of myself at all times. I feel like people I meet for the first time don’t like me and it’s my job to persuade them otherwise. But about halfway into it I decide I’m not worth liking and sort of give up.

I don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s what it feels like.


6 months ago


last friday



It’s soooo frustrating. But I think I kind of see a similar trend in my eikaiwa students, too. The ones who seem more confident can speak so much more clearly, take their time communicating more complex ideas, and get better and better. And the ones who quiver and shake in the corner just kind of stay at the same level forever burbling word salad.

So it may sound stupid, but I’ve started reading all those lulzy inspirational sites about how to improve your self confidence and state of mind.

You’re your own worst critic, and all that jazz.

Wish me luck? If you have any advice, I’d appreciate that, too. :/

By the way, Matsuda Seiko is an angel. I listen to this song almost every day, lol.

Matsuda Seiko – Akai Sweet Pea


diet things


So I kind of started a diet. Diet? Hm. I guess it’s more of a lifestyle change.

Over the summer, I put on about 4kg.


You say.


Ugh. I know.


It’s easy to put on poundage when you spend every waking hour traipsing from bar to bar, shovelling unhealthy friend snacks into your face along the way.

In an unrelated side note doesn’t the word “traipse” sound like some one who walks around in diving fins?

And I know to some people 4kg may sound like nothing (we all have different bodies), and I’m not trying to sound whiny, but it really is causing me problems recently. All of my clothes fit me so uncomfortably these days that it’s driving me crazy. Like I think I need to buy new underwear to battle this mess.


So I decided to hunt for a diet that would work for me. But I hate dieting and everything sucked. And I’m not someone who is good at sports or self-disciplined enough to reliably work out on a schedule.

So for a while I was trying taking FANCL’s Calorie Limit supplement before eating anything of sizeable proportion and taking DHC’s Force Coli to speed my metabolism.


And actually it did alright! As long as I remembered to do my squats, sit ups, and didn’t eat over 1200 calories. But then I would go out on the weekend, and the weight would end up all right back where it was.

So I have decided to give Intermittent Fasting (IF) a go. I’ve been reading a lot of information about it, and got particularly motivated by this story. I’m also going for a Leangains approach, doing a 7 hour eating window and a 17 hour fasting window (which sounds a little wild, but I’ll adjust it if I feel it’s necessary).

If you’re not familiar with IF, what this means is you set a certain time frame in the day in which to get all of your calorie intake and the rest of the day you take no calories (you can still drink many teas, black coffee, zero-calorie sodas and water, though, so cheers). This way your body has more time to spend in fast state and burn up some excess fat that has been lingering on your body.

I’ve decided to try a window from 12:30pm til 19:30pm because it works for my schedule, and I’ve never been much of a breakfast person to begin with.

Anyway, goals.

So I decided to kick it off by doing one as-close-to-full-day-as-possible fast, starting mid-Monday and ending at noon today in time for lunch.

I didn’t anticipate it would be difficult (just my experience with some bad hangovers which left me appetite-less for days), and unsurprisingly it wasn’t. But I was surprised at HOW easy it was.

I even took lulzy progress notes like a REAL SCIENTAMIST. :B


I was so fucking happy to reach lunch, though.


Pretty healthy: smoked chicken on green salad with hijiki and kimchi. It was delicious and perfectly satisfying, too.

So my first food window closed this evening, but before that I finally dug out ye olde Kai’s BRING IT!! Shrimp Curry (戒さんのかかってこい!!海老カレー) that I bought at the Gazette tour final in February for dinner.

Not the most artistic shot, but you get what you get, lol


It tasted fishy. :/

At any rate, tomorrow’s my second day in and I’m trying to eat healthier, so wish me luck!

Have you ever tried IF? Any advice?

sick times


Long time no post. 😦 Lately I’ve been getting sick a lot. Maybe my immune system is kind of weak (despite eating somewhat healthy and choking down a fistful of vitamins everyday).

I’ve been haunted by strep throat. I first got it back in February, out of nowhere. I took the meds and it went away. Then a couple of weeks ago on my way home from an Angelo live, it came back. I went back to the doctor, took the meds, and it went away. Then a week later …. IT CAME BACK.


It’s been stupid. At the moment it’s gone, but I live everyday in fear that my throat will start feeling funny again.

I feel like doctors over here are so dismissive.

Fever? It’s probably nothing.

Chest pain? No worries.

Massive haemorrhaging from the carotid artery? Let the nurse grab you a bandage.

This is one of those rare moments living here where I can’t help but feeling like the most American person ever. I need meds dammit! I need to be poked and prodded and pricked and tested like a dubious slice of deli meat at a church picnic.


It’s frustrating.

I think I finally recovered towards the end of last week, but this evening my throat started to feel strange again. So…. who knows.


Anyone else have any bad doctor experiences here?

i got sick

Usually when I get sick I soldier through it pretty well. Fever and chills, I’m hardly fazed.


When biology does get me down, it’s usually a hangover.


But with colds and such, life pretty much continues as normal for me.


Actually I would probably do fine with hangovers too, if I could ever stop throwing up.


Two weeks ago on Sunday evening I went to be early with chills and feeling a little achy, and when I woke up in the morning, of course, I had a raging fever and “the sweats”. I pushed through and went on to work, slowly feeling better and better through out the week.

Then last week it happened AGAIN. Only this time my throat hurt and I couldn’t swallow. It was great. It actually knocked me out of commission for the first time in a long time.

I was having crazy Inception dreams.


But aside from going to a small party on Saturday night, I’ve been taking it easy and trying to manoeuvre around my lack of energy. Even finished my antibiotics today. So here’s to getting better!

Take care everyone!


shinjuku spiritual


Hello and thank you for coming here to this blog of mine. Thank you for even reading this sentence. And this one. But not this one. I don’t owe you anything, unless I owe you money. In which case, let’s be honest here, you’re probably never going to see that again.

I started this blog because I could.

“You can’t!” They said.


“I can!” I said, and then I did. It was all very heroic and exciting; you really should have been there.

However, as your protagonist, I feel it important to impart on you something of a preview (or a warning) of what is to come. This blog is of a personal nature, so posts will be of a somewhat personal nature. Not too personal, since we just met and all (I mean, you could at least buy me dinner or something first), but things will focus on my general life.

Now, my life is very tragic and exhilarating, especially if you’re living it, but might quite possibly not be if you’re not. If you’re not interested, that’s fine. I don’t begrudge you. In fact occasionally on a Wednesday afternoon, sipping tepid coffee from a dubiously hygienic mug, I myself am not (interested, that is. I haven’t been “not” since before I was conceived which is a very strange and awkward topic I’m going to stop talking about now). However, if you are interested, let’s look at this blog as a learning opportunity: Things you shouldn’t do, things you don’t need to do, things that puzzle you as to why anyone would every do, and pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.


Yes. They said that I couldn’t, but indeed I did! Of course when they said it, they were referring to paying with a credit card, but that would be hardly relevant here, would it?

Cheers from a dish.

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