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Hello and thank you for coming here to this blog of mine. Thank you for even reading this sentence. And this one. But not this one. I don’t owe you anything, unless I owe you money. In which case, let’s be honest here, you’re probably never going to see that again.

I started this blog because I could.

“You can’t!” They said.


“I can!” I said, and then I did. It was all very heroic and exciting; you really should have been there.

However, as your protagonist, I feel it important to impart on you something of a preview (or a warning) of what is to come. This blog is of a personal nature, so posts will be of a somewhat personal nature. Not too personal, since we just met and all (I mean, you could at least buy me dinner or something first), but things will focus on my general life.

Now, my life is very tragic and exhilarating, especially if you’re living it, but might quite possibly not be if you’re not. If you’re not interested, that’s fine. I don’t begrudge you. In fact occasionally on a Wednesday afternoon, sipping tepid coffee from a dubiously hygienic mug, I myself am not (interested, that is. I haven’t been “not” since before I was conceived which is a very strange and awkward topic I’m going to stop talking about now). However, if you are interested, let’s look at this blog as a learning opportunity: Things you shouldn’t do, things you don’t need to do, things that puzzle you as to why anyone would every do, and pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.


Yes. They said that I couldn’t, but indeed I did! Of course when they said it, they were referring to paying with a credit card, but that would be hardly relevant here, would it?

Cheers from a dish.

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