it won’t stop raining in tokyo.



there are two cats, like twins. they always sleep here.



there are interesting flowers blooming at the end of summer. they look like pokemon.



gonna go get drunk now. 😀

酔っ払ってくるね  😀


Well I hope that was artsy enough for you. I’ve been wanting to write again for a while, but I couldn’t really think of anything to say. Strangely enough my best ideas usually come from my self-monologue in the middle of the busiest moments of my day. I’ll be in the middle of handing out worksheets to a sea of angsty second graders and suddenly–


So you can see how the world is really losing out on my brilliant thoughts.

But TGIF everyone. I’m off to meet my roommate at the pub!


story time


Hello again.

It feels like summer doesn’t it? For ALT’s, we usually work first term through the middle of July before we’re out for summer, but lately everyday I just wanna call out and pack my bag for the beach. Going to Thailand recently didn’t help that impulse at all, either.

Sadly I have no summer plans yet, though. WHAT DO. :! All I know is I want to go to the beach lots! Any Tokyo friends down to beach party?

Another delicious burden of the beginning of summer/slow wind down of first term in Japanese schools is all of the wonderful sub assignments. Schools always have conflicts with exam days and such around this time, so I end up running all over Tokyo to cameo in random classrooms with people I don’t know. Fun and not stressful at all! 😀 /kill me

Last week was like this. All subs and a run to immigration to renew my visa.

On the way to one of the sub schools, though, I came across this gem.


This is a school uniform company with, I believe, it’s own P.R. characters, dressed in adorable uniforms of course. Japanese P.R. has the character thing down. My question about this, though, is WHO are they trying to appeal to? If I was a 50 year old math teacher/uniform committee chair with a shit ton of tests to grade and a basketball team to coach and was just essentially just dying to run off to Shiga prefecture on my next free weekend to go black bass fishing with Kimura Takuya why the hell would these characters appeal to me? I don’t know. I don’t understand.

Just thought it was interesting. Kind of like the Sanrio boys from a couple of months ago. Fucking adorable.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post, other than to ramble, is to point out something lulzy I made. I posted it on my Youtube and Facebook last Tuesday, but I thought I should post it here too.


Story Time!

So essentially I get bored a lot at work. But due to the nature of my job, I can’t just whip out a sketchbook or laptop (at least not in my schools) and get down to my own business. So sometimes I write short stories or opinions pieces in my notebook. Lately, since I’ve been feeling stifled by my own mind for a creative outlet, I thought maybe I would try doing something with them. So I made this.

Mind you my editing skills are rudimentary at best, and I just filmed this on my mac’s camera. But I kinda liked it, and I hope you could enjoy at least a momentary diversion from your daily routine and some food for thought.

Making another one tonight, because I’m strange.

Have a beautiful day. ♡

♫ Rolling Stones – Wild Horses
# Spot the SAT word lol