sick times


Long time no post. 😦 Lately I’ve been getting sick a lot. Maybe my immune system is kind of weak (despite eating somewhat healthy and choking down a fistful of vitamins everyday).

I’ve been haunted by strep throat. I first got it back in February, out of nowhere. I took the meds and it went away. Then a couple of weeks ago on my way home from an Angelo live, it came back. I went back to the doctor, took the meds, and it went away. Then a week later …. IT CAME BACK.


It’s been stupid. At the moment it’s gone, but I live everyday in fear that my throat will start feeling funny again.

I feel like doctors over here are so dismissive.

Fever? It’s probably nothing.

Chest pain? No worries.

Massive haemorrhaging from the carotid artery? Let the nurse grab you a bandage.

This is one of those rare moments living here where I can’t help but feeling like the most American person ever. I need meds dammit! I need to be poked and prodded and pricked and tested like a dubious slice of deli meat at a church picnic.


It’s frustrating.

I think I finally recovered towards the end of last week, but this evening my throat started to feel strange again. So…. who knows.


Anyone else have any bad doctor experiences here?