asakusa in december


Hey there. I can’t believe it’s already the Ides of March. /lame

I’ve been so busy these days I completely lost track of time. More than past time for an update.

It’s been a few months since then, but before leaving for my trip home to the US in December last year, I spent an afternoon in Asakusa to shop for some small trinkets and gifts to take home to my family over the holidays.

I love Asakusa. Everytime I go there I get this great sense of nostalgia for my first 4 months in Japan back in 2006 when I was living with a host family there. The family and I had a rough relationship, but as a newbie to the country, this town and my time with them strongly shaped the Japan I love.

As a tourist spot though, there’s not much reason for me to go there these days, so I hardly do. This recent visit was the first time in years for me to visit, actually. But the Nakamise-dori and Sensouji are still the beautiful places I remember them to be from back in the day.

Anyway, I took some pictures wondering about and thought I would like to post them here.




Kaminarimon is always covered by people. And this time, so many selfie-sticks. (I finally have one now, get ready for some obnoxiously awesome photos, haha.)


Once through here you can see the temple, but it was swarming with people so I just went to buy a fortune for my dad’s work and wonder around the gardens.




They say that if you tie it here, it might get a little better. Of course I would get “regular”.







That dango was pretty much the most delicious I’ve ever had.

It was still warm and just melted in my mouth. D:

After my snack I headed over to Tokyo Sky Tree to meet up with Emily. We decided to spontaneously grab dinner and go up the Sky Tree for the first time ever.





The people pushed us into the fast line just for being foreign, which was weird but kind of cool, I guess. There was also a Star Wars event going on on the highest deck, so we decided to go all the way up.





Kylo Ren of course.

Probably the coolest part of the Sky Tree display was the huge projection mapping performance that happened outside of Solamachi.








After that we actually headed to Akabane to a strange izakaya where the waiter randomly gave me his business card. Uh, thanks? πŸ˜€ Anyway, it was a pretty awesome day. A good reminder that I need to get out of my routine every now and then and do something new.

Well, I’m off to prepare some things for work tomorrow. Catch you later.

Sweet dreams and good mornings!



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I'm an artist/antagonist/ambivalent idealist living in Tokyo. I like music, people, and big ideas.

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