i got sick

Usually when I get sick I soldier through it pretty well. Fever and chills, I’m hardly fazed.


When biology does get me down, it’s usually a hangover.


But with colds and such, life pretty much continues as normal for me.


Actually I would probably do fine with hangovers too, if I could ever stop throwing up.


Two weeks ago on Sunday evening I went to be early with chills and feeling a little achy, and when I woke up in the morning, of course, I had a raging fever and “the sweats”. I pushed through and went on to work, slowly feeling better and better through out the week.

Then last week it happened AGAIN. Only this time my throat hurt and I couldn’t swallow. It was great. It actually knocked me out of commission for the first time in a long time.

I was having crazy Inception dreams.


But aside from going to a small party on Saturday night, I’ve been taking it easy and trying to manoeuvre around my lack of energy. Even finished my antibiotics today. So here’s to getting better!

Take care everyone!



the secret keeper


I have this Rilakkuma notebook that I carry everywhere. It’s super cute and I’m sad because it’s filling up fast and soon it will be out of pages. I use it for everything:

lesson planning
project ideas
notes to self
memorizing lists
blog ideas

(↗︎believe it or not there are a million in here since my last blog and sometimes I just flip through when I’m bored and lol because I am shameless and weird)

And more so than any of that possibly: journal entries.

Profoundly dark and angsty, yet mindlessly optimistic and enthusiastic. Every now and then I type these into an old private live journal where they can rightfully rot and die or later be perused for entertainment/reference.

Then I rip out the pages
and shred them to hide the
evidence because I’m insane.

I’m not saying I kill people. I’m not even writing smutty things. It’s literally teenage-style lj angst.

I live in terror that I’ll come back to my bag one day and see someone reading it. So though I’m sad it will run out of pages soon, I’m also slightly relieved.


Anyway, the pressure of making a first real post was too much to handle, so this is what happened.